Portrai Me is a visual art project that focuses on creating ‘portraits’ of people’s personalities through the various motifs in their lives. It was started in 2014 by artist, musician, and writer Shane Butler. The project is a celebration of diversity, a way to express gratitude for the people and things we cherish, and an exploration into the ways our material world informs our psychological world.

Each piece is created in collaboration with the client who orders the Portrai Me. Upon placing each order the client receives a form to fill out to customize the artwork. They can then provide a list of words and attach images they would like to be represented on the piece. We then create the drawings based on the submitted lists and images.

A primary goal of the project has been developed as a way to provide one-of-a-kind artworks to people at accessible price-points. We want to provide fine art to the people; we want our project to be able to be owned by people who come from all different economic backgrounds; and we want to make that process easy.

Another aspect of our project is to provide a working environment where multiple artists can learn our style of drawing and produce these pieces. We aim to provide an outlet for our artists to make an income doing work that they love to do, providing a baseline so that they can have time and flexibility to work on their own individual art practices.

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People love to get our custom portraits as birthday gifts, life-maps, wedding celebrations, anniversary kudos, employee recognitions, awards, vision-boards, and the list goes on…

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